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Shat-R-Shield Lighting, Inc.

Since 1970, Shat-R-Shield has been the world’s leading manufacturer of shatter-resistant fluorescent lamps, pioneering the protective lighting industry with the first protective coating applied directly to the lamp.   The evolution of lighting technology sparked Shat-R-Shield in 2011 to selectively apply a layer of silicone to PCB and LED boards to protect fragile components from moisture and corrosion in harsh environments. Shat-R-Shield holds the patent for effectively coating over an LED chip with no effect on its light output.

The benefits of LED for consumers were countless, until the electronics were exposed to moisture. Shat-R-Shield responded by creating a line of safety coated, IP68-rated LED lamps that offered a benefit that others did not: protection against the elements. These waterproof LED lamps could be installed outdoors for landscape lighting, washdown areas, dock lighting or anywhere exposed to harsh environments.

Shat-R-Shield then created a separate luminaire/fixture division in support of the LED technology. From its unique line of corrosion-resistant Incoplas LED fixtures designed with thermally conductive engineered polymers to its newest Ironclad vandal-resistant and tamper-proof correctional and behavioral LED fixtures, Shat-R-Shield is gaining the attention of end users worldwide.

Today, Shat-R-Shield provides specialized lighting products to its core markets of food and beverage, cosmetic, pharmaceutical, wastewater treatment, correctional, behavioral and many other vertical markets that require lighting in harsh and corrosive environments. 

Guaranteed. Period. Shat-R-Shield products come with the best warranty in the industry and it is their goal to ensure 100% customer satisfaction, always.