Workplace Safety

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Industrial Plant and Work Zone Safety

Anchortex Corporation offers solutions for chemical plants, construction sites, steel mills, lumber yards, and other high-risk work sites to meet OSHA compliance regulations and maintain the health and safety of their employees. We provide for a wide variety of work safety needs, including personal protection, chemical containment and cleanup, emergency evacuation, ventilation, gas monitoring, respiratory safety, fall prevention, emergency rescue, and worker comfort. The cost of worker injuries and illness can result in downtime, worker's compensation, lawsuits and possibly even criminal charges due to negligence that can damage a company's livelihood and reputation, while identifying workplace hazards and purchasing proper protective equipment shows concern for the welfare of employees as well as for the interests of the company.

PPE Personal Protective Equipment includes a wide variety of equipment and supplies provided to protect your workers from injury and infection, including physical, electrical, heat, chemical, biohazard, and airborne hazards. We offer products from leading manufacturers of comfortable, well-designed personal protection equipment (PPE) to protect against these work hazards, with solutions for hearing protection, eye protection, face protection, foot protection, heat stress protection, arc flash protection, flame resistance, cut resistance, puncture resistance, chemical resistance, abrasion resistance, and fall protection. In addition to these solutions, we recommend our Work Wear and Protective Apparel section for clothing, footwear, and gloves to provide comprehensive protection against hazards, and our Respiratory Protection section for breath masks and other respiratory solutions.