Chestnut Ridge Foam

About Chestnut Ridge Foam
Chestnut Ridge Foam is a leading manufacturer of specialty and fire-resistant foam products, specializing in high quality mattresses for behavioral healthcare, corrections, detention, higher education, lodging and group housing, aviation, and military applications.


Fire-resistant, low smoke CR SAFGUARD mattresses were developed specifically for use in corrections facilities, detention centers, jails and other institutions vulnerable to vandalism, arson and accidental ignition. Jails, prisons, juvenile detention centers and other high-risk institutions receive maximum benefits from the use of CR SAFGUARD cushioning. These mattresses are also ideally suited for and used with Humane Restraint HRC-Performa Max Patient Beds, often used in Behavioral Healthcare facilities, including Mental and Psychiatric hospitals and Substance Abuse Treatment Centers.

CR SAFGUARD mattresses will not support combustion when exposed to substantial, open flame ignition sources. In full-scale, "real world" burn testing, CR SAFGUARD displays extremely low levels of smoke generation. The CR Safguard mattress is available in a built-in-pillow model that eliminates the need for a separate pillow. It is also available in a variety of cover materials including a soft extruded vinyl, reinforced transparent vinyl, a heavy duty vandal-resistant vinyl, and a coated nylon.

Unlike fiber-type mattresses (F.R. densified polyester or F.R. boric acid treated cotton), CR SAFGUARD mattresses experiences minimum loss of thickness in the areas subjected to the majority of the user's body weight. This is important for several reasons:

  • 1) When a mattress exhibits a loss in thickness (as seen with fiber type mattresses), service life is reduced and replacement purchases must be made more frequently, making the original "less expensive" mattress quickly escalate in long term cost.
  • 2) Mattresses that are comfortable and retain their original shape will experience less vandalism, thus greatly increasing mattress service life.

Popular Models:

Part No.: 2X30X75 | Revision CRF-100-D | Reference ID: DBM-100
CRF-100-D-2-W-L-a CR SAFGUARD (Medium) fire-resistant mattress. 2" H x 30" W x 75" L. Enclosed with 15.1 oz. Vandal Resistant Vinyl Cover, box style construction.

Part No.: 2X30X76BIP | Revision CRF-100-D
CRF-100-D-2-W-L-e CR SAFGUARD (Medium) fire-resistant mattress with Built-In Pillow. 2" H x 30" W x 76" L. Enclosed with 15.1 oz. Vandal Resistant Vinyl Cover, box style construction.

Benefits of Purchasing CR SAFGUARD Mattresses:

  • Excellent flammability characteristics, even when subjected to severe "real world" conditions.
  • Durability, comfort and minimum thickness loss.
  • Long lasting, cost effective performance offers the lowest long-term cost per inmate to your institution.
  • Easily searched for contraband.
  • Mattresses are custom-made to fit your bunk requirements.

CR Safguard Cover Material choices:

  • Transparent Vinyl - 11 oz ClearSafe reinforced transparent vinyl
  • Vandal Resistant Vinyl - 15 oz per sq. yard
  • Vinyl - 11 oz per sq. yard
  • Polyurethane Coated Nylon

Specify your choice of Flat / Box-Style Mattresses or with B.I.P. Built-In-Pillow

  • Chestnut Ridge Premier Facility Foam Healthcare Mattress
  • Chestnut Ridge CR SAFGUARD Detention Mattress with Transparent Cover
  • Chestnut Ridge CR SAFGUARD Detention Mattress with Vandal Resistant Cover
  • Chestnut Ridge CR SAFGUARD Detention Mattress with Opaque Cover