RX Destroyer RX5LIQ Liquids Pharmaceutical Disposal System - 5 gallon

RX Destroyer RX5LIQ Liquids Pharmaceutical Disposal System - 5 gallon
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Rx Destroyer Pro-Series Pharmaceutical Disposal System For Liquids - easy-to-use and safe for industrial, commercial or home use.  

  • LIQUIDS Medication Formula - For use with all non-hazardous medications (DEA-controlled & Non-controlled) in the form of liquids and syringe injectables ONLY. Rx Destroyer™ Hardener included.
  • Ships with packets of hardener - converts liquid contents to a solid gel. Prevents messy liquid spills. Meets certain state regulations that require passing of a paint filter test for landfill disposal
  • Manufactured in recyclable plastic bottle
  • Size: 5 gallon bottle
  • Packaging: Standard
  • Case pack: 1 bottle per case, price is per case
  • Made in USA
  • Free sample available for qualified customers


About RX Destroyer
RX Destroyer makes drug disposal compliance solutions that are safe, easy, and affordable. Ideal for use by hospitals, medical facilities, government facilities and institutions including prisons, detention centers, jails and correctional institutions. Destroys drugs and pharmaceutical products so they can not be used by the wrong persons.

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RX Destroyer RX5LIQ