Licefreee! Spray Lice Treatment

Licefreee! Spray Lice Treatment
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Tec Labs Licefreee Spray! head lice spray kills lice and lice eggs (nits) naturally using sodium chloride. Fast and easy to use; just spray on Licefreee Spray and it starts killing head lice and nits on contact. Allow the head lice spray to dry naturally, no rinsing or washing is needed. However, once the hair has dried completely after treatment, you may then resume regular grooming habits (i.e. wash hair, style, etc.). Licefreee Spray has been tested to be effective in killing both head lice and nits. Nit comb included for effective removal of dead lice and nits.

  • Effective in killing lice AND nits
  • Spray on application is fast and easy to use
  • 6 oz. pump spray bottle, non-aerosol
  • Begins working on contact
  • Patented nit comb
  • Non-toxic formula, chemical pesticide free
  • Safe to use on children 6 months and older
  • Can be used daily if desired
  • Case packed 24 bottles
  • Must purchase in fill cases

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