Lakeland 51130 Pyrolon CRFR 2.5 Flame Resistant Disposable Coveralls with Attached Hood

Lakeland 51130 Pyrolon CRFR 2.5 Flame Resistant Disposable Coveralls with Attached Hood
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Disposable, Chemical Resistant, and Flame Resistant, all rolled into one garment. Lakeland Chemical Protection Pyrolon CRFR protective wear is unique, disposable, chemical resistant, and flame resistant, meeting the NFPA 2113 requirements for section 5.1.9 within one protective garment. Pyrolon CRFR stands above the competition and is exclusively manufactured by Lakeland. Pyrolon CRFR garments bar contaminating flammables like paint, oil and grease, hazardous liquids and contaminants, and dry particulates from penetrating to inner clothing. 

  • Pyrolon CRFR Coverall 2.5
  • Includes hood; elastic face, ankles, and wrists; storm flap over zipper.
  • Provides light chemical splash protection
  • Self extinguishing
  • Won't melt or drip
  • Meets the NFPA 2113 requirements for section 5.1.9
  • Designed to be worn over woven thermally protective coveralls, such as woven Nomex, for environments where flash fire is a concern
  • Sizes S-6XL
  • Price is per case of 6 units


About Lakeland Industries:
Lakeland is a leader in high performance chemical protection gear and hazardous material suits, as well as chemical protective clothing for industrial workers, including chemical resistant clothing and outerwear, and splash resistant disposable apparel. Lakeland Industries's mission is to manufacture a wide range of technologically advanced protective clothing that saves lives and protects workers from fire, hazardous chemicals and diseases.  Lakeland's broad array of industrial protective clothing includes limited-use and disposable clothing, chemical protective clothing, fire resistant clothing, high visibility reflective safety clothing and protective workwear, anti-static clothing, aluminized industrial heat protective clothing and hand and arm protective safety products.

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Lakeland Chemical Protective Clothing 51130