Gerson Signature Select Half Mask TPE Reusable Half-Mask Respirators

Gerson Signature Select Half Mask TPE Reusable Half-Mask Respirators
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  • Signature Select 1/2 Mask TPE Re-usable Half-Mask Respirators
  • Soft, lightweight elastomeric face piece.
  • Cradle suspension and easy-to-adjust headstraps.
  • Uses low profile, swept-back cartridges for greater field of vision and use with eyewear/goggles.
  • Includes Bonus Hygiene Guard & Shape Retainer insert.
  • Cartridges interchangeable with Gerson Full Face pieces.
  • Replaceable Cartridges sold separately 
  • Specify size
    • Model 9100 TPE Face Piece, Part No. 0871287 - Small 
    • Model 9200 TPE Face Piece, Part No. 0871283 - Medium
    • Model 9300 TPE Face Piece, Part No. 0871284 - Large
  • Price is per piece; packed 1 pc./bag, 24 bags/cs, 24 pc./cs; must buy full case quantity
  • Minimum order applies to Gerson safety products (may combine)


About Gerson:
The Louis M. Gerson Co. is known for producing the highest quality products at exceptional value. Each Gerson product, from air-purifying respirators, to liquid filters for cleaning paints and solvents, to adhesively-treated cleaning or tack cloths for removal of surface particulates, has been designed and manufactured to provide top performance and top value. Gerson NIOSH-approved respiratory masks include formed/foldable N95 particulate respirators, silicone half-mask respirator respirator kits, full face TPE respirators, OV/P95 low maintenance cartridge respirator masks, reusable half mask respirators, full face respirator kits, disposable cartridges and filters, and fit test kits. Gerson respiratory safety products are used in manufacturing, construction, spill clean-up, painting, abatement and other industries. Contact us for volume quotes or to request a sample.

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Louis M. Gerson Co. - Part No. 0871287, 0871283, 0871284