Freshscent SPTBS5 5 oz. Sport Deodorant Soap (vegetable based)

Freshscent SPTBS5 5 oz. Sport Deodorant Soap (vegetable based)
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NWI FreshScent bathing products are part of a premier line of soaps, shampoos, body cleansers and other personal-care amenities.
  • Each bar is individually wrapped
  • Latex free
  • Vegetable based
  • No animal byproducts
  • Bar soap volume 5 oz.
  • Case Pack: 72 bars, 24 lbs/case

About New World Imports
NWI supplies a wide selection of personal care items, toiletries, personal hygiene items and disposable amenities under the FreshScent, FreshMint, and CareAll brands. These personal care and hygiene products are used by medical patients and institutional residents in hospitals, nursing homes, corrections facilities (including prisons, jails, and detention centers), motels, and shelters across the U.S.

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NWI FreshMint / Freshscent SPTBS5