Blackline Safety Loner Portal

Blackline Safety Loner Portal
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Blackline Safety's cloud-hosted infrastructure and Loner Portal safety monitoring user account is the centralized home for efficient management of safety alerts and fielded Loner devices.

Loner Portal ensures that managing a deployment of thousands of devices is as easy as managing ten. Loner devices are managed with configuration profiles that make it easy to tailor device operation for one or more employee roles and scenarios. Each Loner device is assigned a configuration profile and automatically inherits that configurations settings with Blacklines infrastructure, seamlessly managing all real-time synchronization over-the-air.

Similarly, Loner Portals alert profiles ensure a consistent safety alert configuration for each employee role, team, location and scenario. When Loner devices are assigned to an alert profile, the triggered safety alerts automatically notify specified address book contacts such as supervisors and team leaders. Safety monitoring personnel who own the safety alert management responsibility manage safety alerts from receipt through to resolution. Multiple alert profiles support more complex organizational structures and deployments, ensuring the correct individuals are notified. Each alert profile includes the employers custom-tailored emergency response protocol to ensure that all safety alerts are managed accordingly.

Loner Portals comprehensive safety alert management workflow empowers monitoring personnel with the situational awareness required to quickly respond to safety alerts, assess the situation, escalate within your organization and dispatch emergency responders whether these are nearby co-workers or local 9-1-1 services.

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Blackline Safety Loner Portal