AstroScope Night Vision Adaptor for Nikon AF-Type SLR Cameras

AstroScope Night Vision Adaptor for Nikon AF-Type SLR Cameras
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Use the Lynred AstroScope to transform Nikon dSLR cameras into night vision photography systems!. Capture high resolution images at night and in low-light situations otherwise too dark for unintensified digital cameras. Light amplification is equivalent to an 8-10 F-stop improvement so that moonlit or starlit scenes are transformed into bright images. Now available for full-format digital cameras, with variable gain, as versatile modules and dedicated adapters.

Image quality is the essence of this modular device and the principal reason professionals continue to rely on the Astroscope as their go-to camera accessory for night vision observation and image capture. The built-in high performance light gathering (detection) intensifier transforms what is relatively undetected with standard camera configurations into bright artifact-free images. Capturing these full frame images in either night or low-light situations that are bright, sharp and free from vibration or blooming is what the Astroscope does best.

The Lynred Astroscope is the only night vision module that transforms dark scenes into bright high resolution images while maintaining existing electronic communications between the camera and the objective lens. When the device is mounted between the camera body and the objective lens all lens functions such as autofocus and image stabilization are retained - an indispensable feature for today s night vision photographer.

  • Easy attachment mounting
  • Bright high-resolution images
  • Image Intensifier technology
  • Rugged, compact and versatile - designed for use in field environments
  • Specifically designed for image capture (unlike pocketscope-based night vision setups)
  • Enables use of your Nikon lenses to shoot full frame images (even at distances beyond 1000 meters)
  • Custom Relay Optics Maintains existing electronic communications
  • Host Interfaced Powered Powered directly from the SLR camera.
  • Image Quality High resolution, bright images
  • Quickly and easily mounts between a Nikon camera body and lens using the standard Canon bayonet (camera and lens not included)
  • Available in Standard (p/n 914658) and Variable Gain (p/n 914993) versions

High Performance Night Vision - the AstroScope is an advanced night vision module that incorporates a state-of-the-art Generation 3 PRO image intensifier that transforms dark scenes (below 10-4 lux) into bright, high-resolution imagery.

The Astroscope is specifically designed for image capture in dark conditions. Only AstroScope enables you to use your high performance Canon lenses to shoot full frame images at distances beyond 1000 meters! AstroScope passes all communication signals between the camera body and lens, which ensures features, like image stabilization, work when you really need them.

The Astroscope features a user-friendly, rugged design. It quickly and easily installs onto your Nikon digital SLR camera in under 10 Seconds. This model is specifically designed for Nikon AF-type cameras -- mount it between the camera body and your Nikon lenses using the standard attachment system (Canon EOS-compatible Astroscopes are also available).

  • Model 9350NIK-3-PRO (part #914658) - professional-grade module and light intensifier CIU (Central Intensifier Unit) without variable gain feature.
  • Model 9350NIK-3V-PRO (part #914993) - professional-grade module and light intensifier CIU (Central Intensifier Unit) with variable gain feature.  Variable Gain could offer significant improvement in performance, depending on your usage.  VG improves contrast – like when car headlights or streetlights are in the picture.  Without VG, users have less control over whether they can improve the contrast.  This could make the difference of whether they get a useful image or not.  

Note: This is an ITAR product - export restrictions apply. The common module Central Intensifier Units (CIU) used with all Astroscope 9350 Night Vision kits require an export license from the U.S. Dept. of Commerce. Special conditions may apply.


About Lynred USA
Lynred manufactures top quality optics and night vision imaging technology. Formerly Sofradir-EC and Electrophysics Night Vision Imaging.

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Lynred 9350NIK-3-PRO, 9350NIK-3V-PRO Astroscope for Nikon Digital Cameras