Men's 6" Leather Inmate Boots with No Shank - Black

Men's 6" Leather Inmate Boots with No Shank - Black
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These shankless black leather 6" inmate work boots are ideal for prisoner, inmate and detainee use at federal and state prisons and county jails.

  • 6" work boot
  • Leather upper
  • Soft sole, no shank
  • Plain padded collar
  • Triple stitched in stress areas with enforced gussets
  • Ribbed and cushioned outsole with one piece heel and sole
  • Oil resistant, non-slipping, non-marking outsole with midsole construction
  • Men's sizes: 2-20 including half sizes 2.5–12.5
  • Widths: Regular, Wide and Extra Wide
  • Individually marked for Men’s & Women’s sizes
  • Color: Black
  • Packed 12 pairs per case


About Inmate and Detainee Footwear
Inmate footwear is used by detainees and inmates at detention centers, county jails, state prisons, federal corrections facilities, work release programs, community correction centers, and other other correctional institutions.  Many detention and corrections facilities require their inmate footwear to meet rigid specifications, which vary from one correctional institution to another.  Inmate boots and shoes may be used as inmate work boots, prisoner release shoes and detainee transfer footwear.

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Prison Inmate Detainee Footwear - Black 6" Leather Shankless Inmate Boots