AE Light 20W Xenide HID Personal Searchlight - Flashlight Explosion Proof

AE Light 20W Xenide HID Personal Searchlight - Flashlight Explosion Proof
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The AE LIGHT Xenide AEX20-EP has been tested to the performance procedures contained in the UL 783, for use in Hazardous (Classified) locations Class 1, Division 2, Groups A, B, C, & D and Class 1, Division 2, Groups A, B, C, D; Class II, Division 2, Groups F & G; and Class II, Division 2, Groups F & G, as defined in the National Electrics Code, NFPA 70, to cover lights intended for use in Hazardous locations.

  • Color Temperature: 6500K
  • Lumen Output: 1200+-
  • Run time: 90+ minutes w/2600mAh battery
  • Length: 11.5 in., 292mm
  • Weight: 30oz, 850gm
  • Light Head: 3 in., 76.2
  • Hand grip: 1.5 in., 38mm
  • Power Supply: 12VDC Power cord or Rechargeable Lithium Ion 2600mAh
  • Power Switch: Push button on/off
  • Beam: 12deg. fixed
  • Light body: Black hard anodized aircraft grade aluminum
  • Chargers: 100/240VAC 50/60Hz w/overcharge protection, LED indicator, Optional 12/24VDC w/overcharge protection, LED indicator

Application: Maintenance facilities us the AEX20-EP to illuminate and fluoresces substances with the use of the UV lamp and UV filters, CSI use them for crime scenes due to its high illumination and penetrating effect of the UV rays.

Summary of Class I, II, III Hazardous Locations



Division 1

Division 2


Gases, vapors and liquids

A: Acetylene

B: Hydrogen, etc.

C: Ether, etc.

D: Hydrocarbons, fuels, solvents, etc.

Normally explosive and hazardous Not normally present in an explosive concentration (but may accidentally exist)


E: Metal dusts (conductive and all explosive)

F: Carbon dusts (some are conductive, and all are explosive)

G: Flour, starch, grain, combustible plastic or chemical dust (explosive)

Ignitable quantities of dust normally are or may be in suspension or conductive dust may be present Dust not normally suspended in an ignitable concentration (but may accidentally exist). Dust layers are present.
1 & II Fibers and flyings Textiles, wood-working, etc. (easily ignitable, but not likely to be explosive) Handled or used in manufacturing Stored or handled in storage (exclusive of manufacturing)

About AE Light
AE Light manufactures high performance environment-friendly sustainable lighting solutions for multiple uses including commercial, industrial, professional and consumer lighting products. AE Light also makes safety and tactical lighting for public safety, search and rescue, law enforcement, military, and other government users.

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AE Light AEX20-EP