Sorbents and Spill Cleanup

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Spill Containment and Cleanup Equipment and Materials

Anchortex Corporation is a leading distributor of sorbents and spill cleanup products for use in handling on-the-job accidents at all types of job site and in following OSHA guidelines on cleaning up chemical, oil, blood, and other liquid spills. We offer spill management solutions for all types of potential hazard, whether your workplace is a juice aisle in a busy retail outlet where the potential for slip-and-fall accidents is significant, an emergency center of a hospital ward that expects regular exposure to bloodborne pathogen risks are a concern, a chemical manufacturing facility that must be prepared to control and clean up after dangerous chemical hazards, an oil refinery needing to mitigate the damage from leaks to prevent environmental contamination and flash fire hazards, or practically any other environment where the potential need for spill control exists.

  • Safetec 41103 Red Z Spill Control Powder 15 oz Bottles (Case)
    Safetec 41103 Red Z Spill Control Powder 15 oz Bottles (Case)
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