Nasco Petro Wear

Nasco PetroWear Chemical Splash Protection Performance Outerwear

Petro-Wear Omega by Nasco Industries is the first waterproof, breathable outerwear product that combines high visibility worker conspicuity with protection from the thermal hazards associated with an electric arc flash and hydrocarbon flash fires. Intended for use by electric and gas utilities as well as the oil and gas industry, Omega is designed for today’s multi-hazard work environment.

Electric rated per ASTM F1891 and NFPA 70E, High Visibility Rated per ANSI 107, Flash Fire rated per ASTM F2733, Comfort Rated per ASTM E96 and F1868.

Features & Benefits include:
• Available Removable Winter Liners
• ANSI 107 Class 3 Compliant
• Fall Protection Access
• Stain & Soil Resistant
• Electric Arc Resistant
• Flash Fire Resistance
• Breathable
• Reduces Worker Heat Stress
• Lightweight
• Wind-Proof
• Designed with Premier Features

Recommended Applications
• Electric & Gas Utilities Transmission & Distribution
• Meter Service
• Electric Switching
• Telecommunication & CATV Workers
• Storm Restoration

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