United Shield BB-4X6-IIIA Blast Suppression Blanket Level IIIA - 4 x 6

United Shield BB-4X6-IIIA Blast Suppression Blanket Level IIIA - 4 x 6
SKU: U601537

The United Shield bomb suppression blanket has been designed to provide a portable, flexible, lightweight and compact means of protection from EOD and IEDD devices. It is tough and durable, manufactured from multiple layers of treated aramid ballistic fabric and sewn into a Fire retardant and Water repellent outer cover. It can be quickly and easily folded for storage, while webbing carry handles make for ease of transportation and rapid deployment.

  • Armor Solutions: Armor Solution are designed to meet specific threats using either STANAG 2920 or MIL-STD 662F fragmentation protocols with a standard protection level of 17 gr FSP V50 of 500 m/sec.
  • Specification: The United Shield bomb blanket has strong nylon loops at each corner, heavy duty nylon webbing handling straps or 1 diameter eyelets along each side. The blanket can be manufactured to meet the End Users requirement.
  • Colors: The standard nylon outer cover and webbing handles are black, but other colors are available to meet the End Users color requirement and markings.
  • Optional Extras: A safety circle is available to support the blanket, and to help contain the blast from bombs and EOD\IEDD devices.

Sales of this body armor and related items are restricted to public safety professionals, military, and security officers with appropriate documentation.

About United Shield International:
United Shield International is one of the world's leading manufacturers of personal ballistic and fragmentation protection equipment. United Shield has extensive experience and expertise in designing and manufacturing soft and hard body armor, ballistic shields, ballistic helmets, hard armor plates, EOD/IED protection equipment, mine clearance and de-mining equipment and a variety of other ballistic and fragmentation protection products.

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United Shield BB-4X6-IIIA