Tactical Research TR966 Hot Weather Lightweight 6" Tactical Boots - Black

Tactical Research TR966 Hot Weather Lightweight 6" Tactical Boots - Black
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Belleville Tactical Research Khyber TR966 lightweight 6" tactical boots provide both stability and flexibility in any application. In addition, with great design features to add to overall comfort and durability, such as its lace-to-toe lacing system for a customized fit, the TR966 is the top choice for everyday use.

  • Height: 6" (Above the Ankle)
  • Upper:    100% cattlehide leather nylon fabric
  • Midsole:  Highly cushioned, shock absorbent midsole
  • Outsole:  100% rubber EXCLUSIVE VIBRAM IBEX outsole for rugged terrain
  • Insole:    TR-1 load bearing orthotic insole
  • Low profile sole reduces weight improves mobility
  • Sharp angled lugs and defined heel maximize traction
  • Rappelling bars on outsole extend wear
  • Aggressive lace-to-toe style allows for a customized fit
  • Air Mesh breathable, moisture-wicking lining
  • Sizes: 3-15 (including half sizes up to 12) in M and W widths
  • Color: Black


About Belleville Boots Company:
Founded in 1904 as Belleville Shoe Manufacturing Co., Belleville has been manufacturing breakthrough military footwear for our nation's armed forces since 1917. Belleville has received repeated awards and honors by the US government for its commitment to quality, service, and performance. Belleville Boots continues to be the leading provider and innovator of combat, protective, flight and tactical military boots for the US Department of Defense (DoD), including soldiers in the US Army, Air Force, Navy, Marines and Coast Guard. Belleville Boot Co. is the oldest and largest US military boot provider.

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Belleville Boot Co. TR966