Sundstrom Safety SR 84 Welding Shield

Sundstrom Safety SR 84 Welding Shield
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Designed for welders, intended for use with Sundstrom Safety full face mask SR 200 or the supplied air respirator mask SR 200 airline.

  • This welding shield can easily be mounted on the frame of a full-face mask
  • Delivered with a protective polycarbonate visor.
  • Standard size 110 x 60 mm.
  • Welding glasses in size 110x60 mm or auto-darkening filters can be used.
  • In the flip-up position the shield can also be used for grinding etc.
  • The construction of the shield and the welding-glass holder ensures a light weight which is specially notable in the flip-up position.
  • Packed and sold individually.



About Sundstrom Safety:
Sundstrom Safety is a world leader in respiratory masks, filters, and other respiratory safety devices. Sundstrom respiratory protection equipment is simple, effective, and comfortable to wear. Sundstrom respiratory protection masks and devices are used to prevent workers from breathing in harmful air contaminants.



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