Sundstrom Safety SR 345 Chemical Resistant Protective Hood

Sundstrom Safety SR 345 Chemical Resistant Protective Hood
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The Sundstrom Safety SR 345 is intended for use together with Sundstr m half masks or Sundstrom full face masks with filters or with the SR 307 compressed air attachment, or together with the SR 90 Airline.

  • Made of chemical resistant PVC coated fabric, it protects against the splashing and dripping of most substances.
  • The hood is fitted so that the exhalation valves are outside which reduces the risk of condensation on the visor.
  • Made of chemical resistant material. The visor is treated to prevent misting. The hood can be machine washed about 10 times. No spin cycle. at a maximum of 40 C / 104 F.
  • Specs:
    • Material: CA, Polyester, PVC
    • Color: Orange
    • Shelf life (years): 5
    • Country of manufacture: Sweden
    • Operating temp.: 14 to 131 F (-10 to +55 C), < 90 % RH
    • Storage temp.: 4 to 104 F (-20 to +40 C), < 90 % RH
  • Packed and sold individually.

About Sundstrom Safety:
Sundstrom Safety is a world leader in respiratory masks, filters, and other respiratory safety devices. Sundstrom respiratory protection equipment is simple, effective, and comfortable to wear. Sundstrom respiratory protection masks and devices are used to prevent workers from breathing in harmful air contaminants.

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