Sundstrom Safety SR 221 Respiratory Prefilter

Sundstrom Safety SR 221 Respiratory Prefilter
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The Sundstrom Safety SR 221 pre-filter is a non-classified filter media designed to capture coarse and larger particles while extending the life of the particulate filter SR 510 and SR 710. The pre-filter is placed in the prefilter holder which attaches to the particulate filter. The SR 221 pre-filter should always be used for particle, chemical cartridge and combined filters. The pre-filter protects the main filter against premature clogging by larger particles, such as dirt and dust,

  • Part No: H02-0121
  • Model description: SR 221 Prefilter
  • Material: Polyester
  • Colour: White
  • Shelf life (years): 10
  • Country of manufacturing: Sweden
  • Height (mm): 1
  • Diameter (mm): 102
  • Price is per piece. Packed 800 pieces per case - sold only in full case quantities.
  • Also used for face-fit tests together with test disc SR 322 (sold separately).


About Sundstrom Safety:
Sundstrom Safety is a world leader in respiratory masks, filters, and other respiratory safety devices. Sundstrom respiratory protection equipment is simple, effective, and comfortable to wear. Sundstrom respiratory protection masks and devices are used to prevent workers from breathing in harmful air contaminants.

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Sundstrom Safety AB H02-0121