Skellerup FRQ4 Quatro Insulated 16 inch Farm Boots

Skellerup FRQ4 Quatro Insulated 16 inch Farm Boots
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  • Ergonomically designed to lock in the foot prevent heel slip for safety.
  • Fleece comfort lining.
  • Insulating to -57 F.
  • Anti-clogging, tractor-grip cleat design outsole.
  • Quatro Comfort System footbed.
  • 16 knee height (also available in 13 Calf height - Model No. 13 FRQ5).
  • Sizing: full mens sizes US 5-15 (no half sizes).

About Skellerup Footwear:
Skellerup Footwear has been manufacturing handcrafted waterproof rubber boots, reknowned for their comfort, performance, and durability, since 1939. Skellerup US specializes in insulated and non-insulated rubber boots for use in farming and agriculture, hunting, mining, food and beverage, mining, and other work environments that require rubber protective footwear.

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Skellerup Footwear USA FRQ4