Scientific Air S400 Room Air Filtration and Disinfection System

Scientific Air S400 Room Air Filtration and Disinfection System
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Scientific Air’s S400 goes beyond filtration -- capturing airborne pathogens with a UVC dosage close and long enough for up to a 99.9995% virus kill rate, eliminating  bacteria, mold , odor, and VOC’s.

The S400 uses patented UVC technology, bio-aerosol full room size laboratory validated, to kill pathogens, reduce particulates, removes mold, odor, and VOC's in a standard 800 cubic-foot room in minutes. 

Helps reduce airborne HAI's with up to a 99.9995% UVC pathogen killing rate. 

Reduces airborne particulates by as much as 99.97%. 
Quiet 24/7 UVC air scrubbing, entirely safe for patients and staff.
Hospital proven in facilities like:

    • NYU Medical Center
    • University of Rochester
    • Federal VA Hospitals
    • NY Health+Hospitals
    • Baptist Health Systems

Powerful air management 24/7 in occupied spaces like emergency rooms, intensive care units, operating rooms, patient rooms, compounding pharmacies laboratories, food-service, waiting areas, and more.

Virus Bacteria Mold Odor VOC’s
S400 Features
● High volume 400 cubic feet per minute fan operation for complete air change within 2 -5 minutes in a typical room of 800 cubic feet.
● Powerful yet quiet brush-less high-speed motor disinfects High Volumes of air with 42 - 46 decibels at average operating speeds.
● High capacity HEPA pre-filter cartridge captures particulates down to 0.3 microns.
● Large volume UVC induction chamber for full process of pathogen-laden air, lab tested for up to 99.9995% efficacy.
● 360-degree total air intake system creates a quiet undetectable air induction vortex.
● Patented carbon substrate for complete odor and VOC removal.
● No airflow disturbance, no temperature or humidity variations, and no negative or positive air pressure interference.
● Zero ozone production.
● 110-120 voltage standard outlet --same power requirements as a typical residential ceiling fan.
● On-Board Digital screen reporting
● HEPA Filter/Air Flow integrity metering
● UC-V Light integrity/intensity metering
● Carbon Final Filtration metering
● Pathogen and Particulate process metering
● Premium hospital wheels for effortless mobility on all surfaces with toe touch locking wheels.
● Filter replacements available with simple economical annual self service.
37" tall
22" wide
62 lbs.
Room size bio-aerosol laboratory tested
The S400 conducted two separate efficacy analysis at independent nationally recognized facilities; Microchem Laboratories and Environmental Diagnostics Laboratories. Tests were conducted in a 10’x10’8’ bio-aerosol guideline aerosolized chambers.
Eliminates up to 99.9995% of airborne viruses in minutes!

The S400 uses patented UVC technology, laboratory tested in bio-aerosol test chambers, to eliminate up to 99.9995% of viruses, eradicate bacteria and mold, removing up to 97% of non-viable particulates, destroying odor, and removing VOC’s in a standard room in minutes! The S400 is facility proven. Nationally recognized by hospitals like NYU Medical Center, University of Rochester,
Federal VA Hospitals, NY Health+Hospitals, and Baptist Health Systems. The S400 is effective in Intensive Care Units, Operating Rooms, Patient Rooms, Compounding
Pharmacies, Laboratories, Isolation Rooms, Food-Service, ER's, Waiting Rooms, and more.

Physical Dimensions
● 22 x 37 inches
● Weighs 62 pounds
Electrical Ratings
● Rated at 110 volts
● Rated at 1.6 Amps
● Green Dot Grounded
Decibel Level
● 62-64 decibels Certifications
● MET US/C UL 507
● High grade steel
● Antimicrobial powder coating
● Aluminum wheel base
Air Circulation
● 400 CFM Motor Fan Speed
● Will not affect positive/negative pressure
● Air intake matches air exhaust
● 360 degree vortex air flow over a large surface area.
● Will not affect room air exchanges or room air flow.
Disinfection Process
● HEPA (0.3 um) pre-filter
● UV-C 253.7nm (254 nm) 36W non-ozone light array
● Treated carbon-coir substrate final filter granulated moisture resistant
● Wipe down entire machine with
● antibiotic cleaner

S400 Specification sheet
● Powerful 400 CFM fan performs complete air change disinfection within 2-5 minutes in a typical room of 800 cubic feet (10'x10'x8)
● High-capacity HEPA pre-filter reduces particulates down to 0.3 microns.
● Large-volume UVC kill chamber processing germ-laden air destroying virus. bacteria. Mold, odor, and VOC’s.
● 360-degree total air circulation system is quiet, and undetectable with matching air induction and exhaust vortex.
● Zero airflow disturbance, no temperature or humidity variations, no negative or positive air pressure interference, NO by products, NO ozone.
● Lightweight 62 lbs. With aluminum balanced security base for superb stability and safety.
● 110-120 voltage standard outlet with the same power requirements as a typical residential ceiling fan.
● Green-Dot grounded electrical cord.
● On-Board Digital screen reporting:
● HEPA filter/air flow integrity
● Carbon final filtration integrity
● UVC light intensity/integrity
● Processed CFM air volume
● Premium hospital wheel for effortless mobility on all surfaces with touch toe locking casters.
● Consumable component “snap-in snap-out” replacements with simple and economical annual self service.
● Dimensions 22"W x 37"H 62lbs.


About Scientific Air Management
Scientific Air is part of the Sterilumen group, which was founded to provide novel, easy to deploy and effective devices to protect vulnerable populations from dangerous infections.  Sterilumen's engineers create patented products that manage infection control for safe environments, employing proven germicidal UVC in a variety of automated and connected designs, and rising to meet the disinfection challenges in our most important industries.  Sterilumen's guiding principle is to create safe environments without emission of ozone or other chemicals, and provide the modern convenience of connected, remote asset management capabilities that enable Data Driven Disinfection.

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