Scientific Air S200 Room Air Filtration and Disinfection System

Scientific Air S200 Room Air Filtration and Disinfection System
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Scientific Air’s S200 goes way beyond air filtration alone.

After first phase HEPA particulate filtration, pathogens smaller than 0.3 microns pass into the S200 patented UV-C Air Suspension Chamber.  
Inside the chamber germs are held close enough and long enough for a laboratory tested kill rate of up to 99.9994% of airborne norovirus surrogate.
Norovirus is one of the most difficult viruses to kill, and shares numerous properties with the small non-enveloped RNA strain SARS-CoV-2.


Rapid WholeRoom Clean

Thorough air disinfection of a standard 800 cubic ft. room in minutes. Whole-room air exchange within minutes. No ozone production, no external UV-C exposure, and kills VOCs and odors.

Portable Durable and Efficient

The S200 size and materials make it easy to move, easy to set up, and long-lasting. All-steel, antimicrobial coatings are combined with a low tip-proof center of gravity on a high-quality hospital grade locking wheeled base. The S200 is low maintenance, uses about as much power as an average residential ceiling fan, and operates quietly.

200 CFM

The S200 delivers the highest air disinfection levels in cubic feet per minute for its size. With 3x the standard concentration of UV-C light for disinfection, HEPA filtration, and specially formulated carbon, the S200 removes pathogens, particulates, odors, and VOCs — quickly.

Safe and Fast Acting

High rate of cubic feet per minute of air scrubbed, the S200 cleans air faster for its size than any other air disinfection system — 24/7 in occupied rooms . Performing HEPA filtration, UV-C pathogen elimination, and carbon cleansing simultaneously, making the medical environment safer, faster.

About Scientific Air Management
Scientific Air is part of the Sterilumen group, which was founded to provide novel, easy to deploy and effective devices to protect vulnerable populations from dangerous infections.  Sterilumen's engineers create patented products that manage infection control for safe environments, employing proven germicidal UVC in a variety of automated and connected designs, and rising to meet the disinfection challenges in our most important industries.  Sterilumen's guiding principle is to create safe environments without emission of ozone or other chemicals, and provide the modern convenience of connected, remote asset management capabilities that enable Data Driven Disinfection.


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