REX DCS – Multi-Purpose Extraction Stretcher with Descent Control System

REX DCS – Multi-Purpose Extraction Stretcher with Descent Control System
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The Rapid Extraction Rex DCS is a multi-function patient evacuation device designed for all levels of emergency responders. This Tri-fold mobile stretcher allows one responder the ability to do work of 4 to 6 responders. With a total weight 42 lbs it easily handles a 400 lb max payload. Its ergonomic design adjusts into multiple positions accommodating various physical or medical conditions.

The combination of centered balanced wheels and telescoping pull handle allows a single responder 360°maneuverability and agility to quickly move a patient to safety.

  • Rugged T6 Aerospace aluminum frame
  • 42 lbs. fully assembled
  • 75”x18” fully assembled-folded: 25”x18”
  • Height from ground to base 10”
  • 400 lbs. weight capacity
  • DCS Descent Control System - easy to use hand brake feature provides controlled descent down steep terrain or stairwells 
  • Comes standard with 20" All Terrain tires, Sand Tires available as an option
  • Available options:
    • Sand Tire Set
    • Bike Tow Kit
    • Bike Hitch
    • IV Pole
  • Tri-fold panel system for quick assembly and storage.
  • Converts to backboard, mobile stretcher, patient treatment cot
  • Quick release wheel system with interchangeable wheels
  • Telescoping pull handle
  • Adjustable locking head rest
  • Interchangeable patient straps (set of 3)
  • Backpack carrying case
  • 1 yr. warranty
  • Standard colors: Blue, Black, Red, Yellow
  • Made in the US

The RexONE frame consists of a patented, tri-panel system: Head Panel, Center Panel and Foot Panel. Each panel is framed by tubular T-6 aircraft aluminum and welded support panels with circular vents to provide increased structural strength while maintaining a lightweight and sleek profile. The Head Kickstand and Foot Kickstand can be extended to transform the RexONE into a patient treatment cot and quickly fold under the head or foot panels allowing it to be deployed as a mobile stretcher. The RexONE airless all-terrain wheel system provides the ability to rapidly move across a variety of surfaces and terrain. The wheels can be removed to convert into a backboard. The telescoping pull-handle folds under the foot panel and can quickly be released into an open locked position for use. The protective wheel fenders safeguard patients from contact with the tires. The color-coded Velcro fender tabs matches left and right wheel fenders for quick assembly. The tri-fold frame can quickly be folded and easily stored in its carry case, which also converts into a backpack making it ready for rapid deployment.

About Rapid Extraction LLC
Rapid Extraction is the exclusive manufacturer of The Rex Mobile Stretchers, a multi-functional, collapsible, all terrain stretcher designed to move the injured over varied terrain and conditions, faster and easier than ever before.

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Rapid Extraction Rex DCS Patient Evacuation Stretcher with Hand Brake Descent Control Feature