OraLine Secure Care 41997 6.4 oz ADA Clear Toothgel (case)

OraLine Secure Care 41997 6.4 oz ADA Clear Toothgel (case)
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  • Designed for safety in your correctional institution
  • Available in 1.0 oz., 3.0 oz., 4.6 oz., and 6.4 oz. sizes
  • The unique Clear tube design provides added security by eliminating the possibility of inmate tampering or using the tube to conceal contraband
  • All tubes are made of Ceramis, a clear material with barrier qualities that ensure the retention of moisture, flavor or fragrance. 
  • Sold in cases of 24 units for the 4.6 oz., 36 units for 6.4 oz., 72 units for the 3oz., and 144 units in the 1 oz. tubes.

About OraLine Secure Care Products
OraLine Secure Care Products is dedicated to presenting its quality dental care products in clear, flexible packaging designed for safety in correctional institutions.  OraLine's goal is to provide its customers with high quality products that insure proper inmate health and staff security, at affordable prices. 

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OraLine 41997