Massif MSRT00010 Flame Resistant Cool Knit Long Sleeve T-Shirt

Massif MSRT00010 Flame Resistant Cool Knit Long Sleeve T-Shirt
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This aptly named T-shirt aggressively wicks sweat away from your skin, keeping you cool and preventing saturation. Cool Knit meets NFPA standards for vertical flame resistance, but it's so soft and comfortable you'll forget it's FR. The lightweight four-way stretch shirt has a trim fit, retains its shape over time, and is highly compressible for easy stuffing when you're living out of a pack. Wear alone or as a light base layer.

Constructed with DuPont Nomex brand fiber - the first flame-resistant fiber selected for use in military uniforms. Nomex fibers carbonize and thicken when exposed to the intense heat of a flash fire, creating a protective barrier that reduces or prevents burn injuries.

  • Full flame-resistant construction with proprietary Massif fabrics
  • Proprietary 4-way stretch construction provides unlimited mobility
  • Unique fabric composition wicks sweat away from skin
  • Lightweight and highly compressible for easy packing
  • Colors: Available in Black and Tan 499
  • Machine washable
  • Designed to work with the Massif Fire and Ice Layering SystemAuthorized by the United States Coast Guard
  • ASTM D6413/F2302 Performance Specification for Flame Resistance
  • ASTM F1506
  • ARC Rating, EBT: 4.0 cal/cm2, HRC 1

About Massif:
Massif manufactures comfortable, effective flame resistant apparel designed to protect against injuries from flash fires while maintaining the comfort and high performance of personal gear with custom FR fabrics and clothing designs for numerous climates and environments, all made within the USA and used by the US Armed Forces, general aviation community, wildland firefighting community, search and rescue community, and other specialized organizations.

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Massif MSRT00010B-BLACK-REG, MSRT00010T-TN499-REG