Kappler F3H436 Frontline 300 Coveralls with Hood, Longneck design, special opening, attached booties, Heat Sealed-Taped Seams

Kappler F3H436 Frontline 300 Coveralls with Hood, Longneck design, special opening, attached booties, Heat Sealed-Taped Seams
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Kappler on the label gives you the confidence that you are well covered. For more than 35 years Kappler has defined the protective garment industry with patented fabrics, innovative seaming technology and unique garment designs. Today more than ever, the Kappler brand on your garment means you always know what you are getting into. Frontline 300 is ideal for petro-chemical line break situations. This innovative garment was developed with detailed input from petrochemical Safety Officers. It offers excellent radiant heat protection. And with comparable protection to Kappler's Zytron 300 chemical apparel, Frontline 300 provides excellent holdout for the most common petrochemical hazards.

Frontline garments are designed for chemical flash fire protection FOR ESCAPE ONLY in the event of a chemical flash fire.

Features and Benefits

  • Ensemble garment for excellent versatility
  • Hood includes large, expanded-view face shield
  • Seams are sewn and then heat-sealed/taped

Specific Product Details

  • Coverall with Special-Design Hood Opening for better fit against Respirator and Visor, LongNeck design with Extended Zipper Closure, Double Storm-Flap with Hook and Loop Closure, Cone Inserts at Sleeves, includes attached sock boots. Seams are Heat Sealed/Taped.
  • Style: F3H436
  • Size: Size: XS-5X
  • Color: Silver
  • Quantity: 2/case
  • Weight: 9 lb / 4.1 kg


  • Petrochemical operations
  • Line Maintenance
  • Tank cleaning
  • Refueling situations

About Kappler Industrial and Medical Safety Products:
Kappler, Inc. is a leading manufacturer of chemical protection clothing, encapsulating Level A and Level B haz-mat suits, disposable industrial protection coveralls clothing and safety apparel, and Provent medical protection garments and apparel. Since 1976 Kappler has led the protective garment industry with chemical protection suits, splash resistant coveralls, disposable boot covers, hazardous material encapsulated suits, and other chemical protective clothing and apparel. Kappler offers Frontline Chemical/FR protection for multiple protection levels against chemical flash-fires in petrochemical environments, from "splash and flash" protection to Level A. Industrial workers, emergency management, first responders, and medical professionals trust Kappler for hazardous material handling, hazmat response, general hazard protection, and NFPA certified garments.

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Kappler F3H436