Gemtor 3005/3015 AirFlo Padded Tower Climbing Harness with Seat Sling

Gemtor 3005/3015 AirFlo Padded Tower Climbing Harness with Seat Sling
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Gemtor's Elite Series of Full-body harnesses is designed for Maximum Comfort and usability. Most “Elite” harnesses include Gemtors Airflo breathable padding that allows air to flow completely through the pad. Foam has been replaced by a specially designed “3-D” material. These pads weigh considerably less than pads on competitive harnesses, allow for unrestricted air flow and always retain their shape and comfort. These systems are designed to be used as part of an overarching suite of fall protection safety equipment.

Features Benefits of this model:

  • Quick connect chest strap with front D-ring
  • Breathable “X” style back/shoulder pad
  • Breathable leg pads
  • Heavy-duty tongue buckle waist belt with hip positioning D-rings and breathable comfort lumbar pad.
  • Seat sling with suspension D-rings.
  • Spring-loaded adjuster on shoulder strap.
  • Chest strap retainers with replaceable, breakaway snaphook holder
  • Accessory hooks on waist belt
  • Protective label cover
  • Your choice of leg strap closure:
    • 3005 – Quick connect buckle leg straps
    • 3015 – Tongue buckle leg straps

Add the following to the end of the Model # to specify size: -2 (Universal), -4 (XL), -9 (2XL).

Gemtor full-body harnesses distribute the forces generated during a fall over at least the thighs, pelvis, chest, and shoulders. The standard sliding back D-ring helps to suspend a fallen worker in an upright position after the fall.

All Gemtor harnesses share the following common features:

  • Sliding back (dorsal) D-ring for fall arrest or restraint
  • Unique/Flexible dorsal D-ring pad for improved comfort.
  • Universal sizing
  • Two color design for easy donning
  • Full shoulder and leg strap adjustment for proper fit
  • Breakaway and replaceable accessory ring to store lanyard snap when not in use
  • OSHA/ANSI compliance including Z359.1 A10.32

All styles are available with the following options - call for quotes:

  • Hip D-rings for positioning
  • Shoulder D-rings for retrieval
  • Integral energy absorbers
  • Back and shoulder pads

About Gemtor:
Gemtor is an American owned and operated ISO 9001 registered manufacturer of fall protection and confined space retrieval and rescue equipment. All Gemtor products are designed and manufactured to be the highest quality in the industry, always meeting and usually exceeding OSHA and ANSI standards.



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