ESP White 5 Oil-Only Marine Boom

ESP White 5 Oil-Only Marine Boom
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Evolution Sorbent Products produces high-performance industrial sorbents and spill-control products with either natural and recycled materials or traditional polypropylene. ESP offers one of North America's largest selections of innovative spill control products, in warehouses across the U.S., for fast delivery when you need it.

ESP OIL-ONLY Marine Booms contain oil spills on water or outdoors. ESP's new booms have undergone a significant construction upgrade that makes them far stronger than comparable products. They contain absorbent oil-only poly fibers, which may vary in color. The industry standard sock-in-net construction has been replaced with our new all-in-one technique. Now the net is affixed to the sock covering, resulting in exceptional strength and improved resistance to snagging.

ESP # 4WBOOM510 Boom Features:

All-in-one construction produces exceptional strength prevents the boom from twisting
End rings and snap hooks make deployment of the desired length fast and easy
Can stretch without failing
Resists snagging on debris
Outer polyester net is more UV resistant than polypropylene skins
Contains a proprietyary additive to increase absorbency and help keep booms afloat even when they are fully saturated
Made with high recycled content


Size: 5" x 120"
Units/Case: 4
Minimum Qty: 20 Cases
Weight/Case: 22lbs


The ideal solution when you need to quickly and effectively contain petroleum-based spills from spreading on water or in outdoor environments where you want to avoid soaking up water.

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ESP Evolution Sorbent Products 4WBOOM510