Dawn Mist SPU30 Bath and Body Bar Soap (#3) Unwrapped (Case)

Dawn Mist SPU30 Bath and Body Bar Soap (#3) Unwrapped (Case)
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Dawn Mist soaps are part of DawnMist's premier line of toiletries, personal care items, and personal hygiene products for patients and resident.

  • DawnMist Facial and Body Soap
  • Gentle formula with mild fresh scent
  • Does not contain animal fat or by-products
  • French milled for a longer lasting product
  • # 3, Unwrapped
  • Packaged 100/case
  • Case weight: 18.2 lbs.

About DawnMist
DawnMist is a premier line of toiletries, hygiene, and personal care items made by Dukal Corporation for medical patients and institutional residents. DawnMist quality personal care products are used in hospitals, nursing homes, corrections facilities (including prisons, jails, and detention centers), motels, and shelters across the U.S.

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Dawn Mist SPU30