Blackhawk Dynamic Entry DE-CQB Ram

Blackhawk Dynamic Entry DE-CQB Ram
SKU: B600390

Blackhawk Dynamic Entry tools are the leading choice for forced entry and tactical breaching equipment. D.E. tools are controlled items - restricted to Law Enforcement, Military, and First Responders only.

When door-breaching speed is required for lightweight exterior and most interior doors, the CQB is the ram of choice. The oversized control-flex handle system allows breachers to position themselves outside the FATAL FUNNEL even in cramped breaching situations. The CQB Ram is electrically non-conductive and non-sparking.

Ideal for use on light exterior and most interior doors
Oversized control-flex handle system reduces impact stress and allows breachers to position themselves in a safer zone even in cramped breaching situations
Non-sparking and electrically non-conductive to 100,000 volts AC

Weight: 23 lbs
Length: 20"

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Blackhawk! - Dynamic Entry Tools DE-CQB