Clothing Dye for Cotton Towels and T-Shirts

Clothing Dye for Cotton Towels and T-Shirts
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These dye packets are used by hotels and other industrial laundries, as well as by prisons, jails, detention centers, and corrections facilities to dye cotton towels, cotton wash clothes, t-shirts, and underwear. (Note: synthetics including polycotton or polyester fabric and threads will not take the dye in the same way as 100% cotton fabrics.) 

These dye packets provide industrial and institutional laundries with a package that dissolves completely in water. This delivery method greatly simplifies the dyeing process by adding a specified number of packets per 100 lbs. of fabric depending upon depth of color desired. Packets eliminate the need to manually measure portions which helps to keep the laundry environment dust free, clean, and safe while finished fabric consistently looks crisp and colorful.

These Super Strength packets are used for general dying of cotton clothing and towels. Also available in maintenance strength for touch-ups and super concentrated strength for economical general dying. 

  • Units: 8 oz packet
  • Packed 10 packets per 5 lb carton; 6 cartons per case
  • 60 packets per case
  • Colors: Brown, Orange, Green, Navy Blue, Red, Yellow, and more.
  • Sold in full cases (contact us for broken case pricing)
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