White Disposable Elastic Waist Pants for Inmate Transport

White Disposable Elastic Waist Pants for Inmate Transport
SKU: Z3001007

Inmate or prisoner transport is the transportation of prisoners or detainees by law enforcement agencies and their agents or officers to/from jails, prisons, detention centers, corrections facilities or other local, state, or federal corrections or law enforcement institutions, sometimes from one jurisdiction to another. The inmate transport clothes are usually inexpensive disposable shirts, pants, or coveralls. Inmate transport footwear is often canvas shoes, sneakers, or slippers, although leather inmate boots or shoes may used. The inmates being transferred are usually restrained with handcuffs and sometimes with leg irons as well.

Elastic waist
Wide leg opening
Standard size range: Medium to 5XLarge
Standard case size: Case of 50 (may vary)

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Prison Inmate Transfer Clothing