Elastic Waist Denim Jeans

Elastic Waist Denim Jeans
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Elastic waist jeans or denim pants are ideal for issue as part of a facility's work release or release and discharge clothing program. The style of pants issued to released prisoners and detainees is usually of the type shown in the pictures above, but typically varies according to availability, as well as the facility's requirements or preferences (note: pull-on denim jeans are elastic waist pants made of denim jean material, they are not classic 5 pocket jeans).

  • Material: 100% cotton blue denim
  • Style: elastic waist, no belt loops, no pockets, no zipper
  • Fly: none (available with mock fly)
  • Pockets: none (available on request)
  • Regular inseam length, unless Short or Long/Tall requested.
  • Sizes: XS-10XL.
  • Specs and color shade may vary.


About Prison Inmate and Detainee Clothing
Prison uniforms and inmate clothing are used in county jails, state prisons, detention centers, federal corrections facilities or other correctional institutions. Clothing for prison inmates or detainees typically consists of a two piece set similar to surgical scrubs (pullover shirt and elastic waist pants) or a one piece jumpsuit or coverall. Many corrections facilities require that their inmate uniforms meet rigid specifications, which vary from one institution to another.

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Prison Release and Discharge Clothing Elastic Waist Jeans