What are the Top 7 features to look for in high quality Mining Boots?

The price tag of a quality pair of mining boots may make people think twice about purchasing a specialized boot for their protection. What is so special about the boots worn by miners as opposed to normal work boots, or the even hiking-style work boots you could wear on the trail? As it turns out, there is a specific combination of features that makes a mining boot what it is. Every mining boot is a work boot, but not every work boot or hiking boot is a mining boot.

To help you pick the right mining boots for you, whether you are mining coal, metals or anything else, we have put together a list of basic must-have or basic criteria for selecting miners boots:

  1. Mining boots have to be made from tough, abrasion-resistant materials to ensure that they can withstand the long hours and hard work that their owners rely on them for, without scuffing or wearing down.  Usually that means miners boots are made from sturdy leather, but these days quality miners boots can be made from tough synthetic materials like Nytek. Mining boots are usually 10" high to provide extra ankle support. 
  2. Miners boots always need to have safety toes - either a steel toe cap, an aluminum toe cap or a composite toe cap that meets the ASTM F2413 standards for compression and impact testing.  Look for to see if the miners boots meet ASTM Standards for compression and impact testing rating of I-75/C-75.  
  3. Better yet, look for your miners boots to be marked as EH, meaning thet meet ASTM F2413 requirements for Electrical Hazard resistance.  Electric hazard protection can be critical, as the hazardous conditions of a mine may include open electrical circuits that require proper footwear as part of the necessary protection.
  4. Mining boots should include a metatarsal flex guard to provide further protection to the top of your feet against compression or impact injuries. The metatarsal guard disperses and absorbs major impacts, reducing the amount of force transmitted to the top of the feet within.
  5. Of course you want your mining boots to be waterproof in order to keep your feet dry during those long shifts, even when slogging through bad weather or waterlogged tunnels.
  6. You probably want to choose miners boots that are designed with insulation to protect your feet against extremes of cold temperature and wind, regardless of the circumstances you might encounter.
  7. Last but not least, look for mining boots with puncture-resistant soles, for protection against stepping on an errant nail or any sharp object protruding from the ground.

Here are some other important features to look for:

  • High-abrasion-resistant boot tips extend the lifespan of a boot significantly and provide additional protection to the wearer.
  • Synthetic high-performance nylon microfibers are nearly indistinguishable from leather, but are three times stronger and have superior abrasion resistance to natural leather.
  • Contoured metatarsal guards provide a stronger, more comfortable defense against impact and compression damage.
  • Flexible metatarsal materials are designed to disperse and absorb impacts while transferring less force to the foot within, providing additional protection to the wearer.

Keep your feet safe with quality mining boots from Anchortex Corporation.  We carry the top brands, including Matterhorn, Haix, and Tingley -- and we are always happy to answer any questions you may have.

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