Modern Threat Detection in Airport Security Checkpoints

With over 2,000 passenger screening checkpoints, and responsibility for screening baggage at over 450 airports, the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) is responsible for detecting contraband and explosives while managing to maintain a friendly passenger experience and an efficient flow of traffic through security checkpoints. With this in mind, TSA security personnel are beginning to focus on security checkpoint screening technologies that allow a rapid thoroughput of passengers and checked baggage. Modern X-ray scanner machines are designed to meet TSA and other regulatory standards for automated explosives detection to maximize efficiency without sacrificing security. Improved walk-through metal detectors and backscatter security scanners allow the security officer to pinpoint the location of potentially threatening objects while allowing for a smooth transition between unsecured and secured areas with minimal delays. Handheld trace detectors can detect the tiniest particles of narcotics or explosive compounds on passenger skin, clothing, or possessions. These threat detection capabilities allow security personnel in any environment to improve passenger safety while expediting threat detection in the most hectic environments.

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