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Flame Resistant Work Coats, Jackets & Outerwear

Flame Resistant Coats, Jackets, and Outerwear

Flame resistant outerwear is required for many industries that work outdoors or in hostile environments where flash fire and electric arc flash hazards are or may be present, including utility workers. The two types of FR fabric used in flame resistant outerwear are organized as inherently FR and treated FR. Fabric that is inherently FR, like Nomex, is flame-resistant for life, which means that no matter how many times it is laundered or how long it is worn, the material will always remain flame-resistant. Treated FR fabrics have a chemical applied to them that makes them flame resistant; normal wear, laundering, abrasion, and UV exposure gradually reduces the protective ability of the garment over time. In either case, however, those who wear flame resistant outerwear are generally protected against fire for much longer periods of time than those who are not wearing fire resistant overcoats. Some provide more protection than others, as there are items of heavy duty flame retardant outerwear which are intended for those who work under very high risk situations, typically over other heavy-duty flame resistant apparel. Some styles of flame resistant rainwear and FR outerwear are also arc flash resistant and chemical splash resistant to provide additional protection from the various hazards of the work site. For more information on flame resistant outerwear or to request a quantity quote for your workplace, contact our sales department.