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NSA ArcGuard DWH110 Class 0 Rubber Voltage Gloves

NSA - National Safety Apparel DWH-110_ _
Available in 3 colors
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NSA ArcGuard electrical insulating gloves, also known as rubber voltage gloves or rubber insulating gloves, are an essential piece of personal protective equipment for those who work with electricity.  ArcGuard rubber insulating gloves are designed to protect those who must handle energized or potentially energized wires from lethal electrocution shock. Rubber electrical gloves are used by utility linemen, electricians, electrical linemen, and electrical workers, along with other electrical PPE including outer leather protector gloves that protect the inner rubber gloves against cuts and nicks that would compromise their protective qualities.


  • NFPA 70E-2015 for Arc Flash
  • CSA Z462-15 for Arc Flash (Canada)
  • Max Use Voltage 1000V AC/1500V DC
  • ANSI/ASTM D120, Class 0, Type 1
  • Sizes 8-12 in stock for fast shipment

Testing, Dates, Usage for Rubber Voltage Gloves:

  • Rubber insulating gloves are electrically tested, and marked with the initial test date.
  • Rubber insulating gloves must be put into use within 12 months of the test date.
  • Rubber insulating gloves must be tested every 6 months after being put into service. * Ask about our glove testing service *
  • Leather protectors are not required to be marked with a date.

Cleaning, Storage, Inspection:

  • Rubber insulating gloves should be cleaned in warm water with mild soap. A small amount of chlorine bleach can be used to disinfect.
  • Air dry or tumble dry on low heat.
  • Store rubber gloves in a glove bag, unfolded, with leather protectors taken off.
  • Glove bag (not included) should be hung in a cool, dry place away from sunlight and ozone.
  • Rubber glove inspections should occur before each use.
  • Inspection methods are outlined in ASTM F1236.


NSA Part Number Description Size
DWH11008 Class 0 Rubber Voltage Gloves
Max Voltage 1000V AC/1500V DC
Color Black
DWH11009 9
DWH11010 10
DWH11011 11
DWH11012 12
DWH11008R Class 0 Rubber Voltage Gloves
Max Voltage 1000V AC/1500V DC
Color Red
DWH11009R 9
DWH11010R 10
DWH11011R 11
DWH11012R 12
DWH11008Y Class 0 Rubber Voltage Gloves
Max Voltage 1000V AC/1500V DC
Color Yellow
DWH11009Y 9
DWH11010Y 10
DWH11011Y 11
DWH11012Y 12

About National Safety Apparel:
National Safety Apparel has been manufacturing high-quality, USA-made, personal protective clothing and safety apparel for 75 years. NSA's focuses on industrial apparel meant to provide electric arc flash protection, heat and flame resistance, and cut resistance. Choose NSA arc flash clothing, flame resistant workwear, arc flash kits and flash fire apparel for your safety clothing and personal protective equipment requirements.



Certifications: NFPA 70E
Glove Purpose: Lineman Gloves

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GSA Contract GS-07F-0174M

DOD Emall

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