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Taylors Leatherwear

Taylor's Leatherwear
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Taylor's Leatherwear Jackets

Taylor's Leather specializes in leather outwear for police, military and commercial aviation. All Taylors Leatherwear jackets include a 5 year warranty.  Since 1943, Taylors Leather jackets have been worn and issued by numerous local and state police agencies across the United States. Chances are if you see a police officer wearing a leather jacket, it’s a Taylor’s jacket. Taylor's leather jackets have also been worn by actors in many movies and were worn in the old TV show Hill Street Blues.  Taylor's Leather jackets are worn by FedEx and other commercial pilots, and by Homeland Security and U.S. Customs and Border Patrol officers.

Due to Taylor Leather's commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, Taylor Leatherwear is one of the few remaining manufacturers of leather outerwear and leather coats in the U.S.A.  Taylor Leather's strong suit is still leather uniform jackets for police, military, aviation and athletics.

Why should you buy a leather jacket?  Here's Taylor Leatherwear's answer to that question:

  • - Taylor leather jackets are Water Resistant - Taylor's Leatherwear jackets will repel water for up to 2 hours before becoming saturated.
  • - Taylor leather jackets are Fire Resistant - Leather will resist burning, which provides critical protection in case of explosion, vehicle accident or other emergency.
  • - Taylor leather jackets are Abrasion Resistant - Tests by the U.S. DOT National Safety Administration involving motorcycle falls have shown leather to be more abrasion resistant than any other known clothing material, including Kevlar.
  • - Durability - the random nature of leather fibers gives them inherent strength and durability.  Leather outlasts almost any other type of clothing, especially under heavy use.  All Taylor's Leatherwear police garments are guaranteed for 5 years.
  • - Windproof - Leather pores contract in cold wind, providing an effective barrier to inclement weather while holding in body heat.
  • - Breathable - Thanks to its natural pores, leather remains supple and strong throughout its service life.
  • - Cost Effectiveness - Over the life of a garment, virtually no other material offers the cost efficiency of leather. Assuming a conservative 10 year life at $350-$400 per jacket, the annual cost of $35-$40 per year is far below that of any synthetic or plastic alternative.
  • - Professional appearance - Leather jackets promote a professional and authoritative image for law enforcement professionals. The NYPD has documented a reduction in attacks on police officers wearing leather over those wearing cloth.


Anchortex Corporation is an authorized dealer of all Taylor Leatherwear police leather jackets and other Taylor leather coats and uniform outerwear, including leather motorcycle jackets, military bomber jackets, and civilian leather jackets.

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