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R301404 - 0640R, 0640T - Refrigiwear ComfortGuard Coverall


Refrigiwear ComfortGuard Coverall

0640R, 0640T

R301409 - 0525R - Refrigiwear Cooler Wear Jacket


Refrigiwear Cooler Wear Jacket


R301180 - 0344R, 0344S, 0344T - Refrigiwear Iron-Tuff Sub-Zero Coverall


Refrigiwear Iron-Tuff Sub-Zero Coverall

0344R, 0344S, 0344T

R301410 - 0526R - Refrigiwear Cooler Wear Trousers


Refrigiwear Cooler Wear Trousers


R301177 - 0381R, 0381S, 0381T - Refrigiwear Iron-Tuff Sub-Zero Coverall with Hood


Refrigiwear Iron-Tuff Sub-Zero Coverall with Hood

0381R, 0381S, 0381T



RefrigiWear, Inc., is the industry’s leading manufacturer of insulated industrial work wear, accessories, and personal protective equipment for use in subzero temperatures, inclement weather, and low-visibility environments. RefrigiWear offers a wide range of specialized products, including cold-weather boots, freezer wear, outerwear, and activewear for all different environments and temperatures. From -50º to +50º, whether in a temperature-controlled warehouse or outside facing inclement conditions, RefrigiWear has a product line designed for you. Refrigiwear products are intended to protect workers and perishable products in some of the harshest environments. RefrigiWear’s safety garments, footwear, and WeatherGuard products are tested by outside experts to ensure they meet, and in most cases far exceed, industry safety standards.

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