Sector Optics T3 Thermal Imager

Sector Optics T3 Thermal Imager
SKU: T600190

The Sector Optics T3 mini-thermal imager offers a robust feature set commonly found in more expensive devices:

  • On-board image processing enhancement modes
  • Manual and automatic NUC capability
  • Photo on-board recording
  • Battery read-out and protection
  • Auto power-save
  • Multiple display views: white hot/black hot/ NV green/color
  • Flexible mounting options: Picatinny rail wrist strap/ user-handle mount and more
  • Wide angle units augment law enforcement agency capabilities conducting search operations.

About Sector Optics
Sector Optics, a division of Torrey Pines Logic, Inc., offers unique solutions in high quality performance optical and electro-optical devices. Product lines include new ID Internal Display systems, thermal imagers, riflescopes, rangefinders, and many other optical commercial products.

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Sector Optics (Torrey Pines Logic) SO-T3-01