GH Armor LiteX Concealable Body Armor Panels

GH Armor LiteX Concealable Body Armor Panels
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The GH Armor LiteX series provides superior protection and increased trauma performance with a focus on wearability, making it the workhorse of the GH Armor line. Special threat testing is available for select models and performed at NIJ certified independent test facilities. NIJ test protocol certifies models to specific performance standards, while special threat testing uses the same facilities and conditions to test popular rounds specific to regional threats.

  • Concealable body armor - soft armor panels
  • Certified to NIJ Standard-0101.06 for Ballistic Resistance
  • Hybrid designs featuring Twaron and Goldflex
  • Water-resistant panel cover with heat-sealed seams
  • Exclusively patented ProTect internal ballistic desiccant for moisture management and durability of performance
  • Available in Level II and Level IIIA in both male and female designs (see chart below)
  • Must specify size at time of order
  • Sold as panels only (carriers sold separately)
  • Made in USA
Item No. Series Level Gender Description
GH-LX02-II-M LiteX LX02 II M/Male LiteX II LX02, Male, Front/Rear Panels Only
GH-LX02-II-F LiteX LX02 II F/Female Str LiteX II LX02, Female Structured, Front/Rear Panels Only
GH-LX02-II-N LiteX LX02 II N/Female Non-Str LiteX II LX02, Female Non-Structured, Front/Rear Panels Only
GH-LX02-IIIA-M LiteX LX02 IIIA M/Male LiteX IIIA LX02, Male, Front/Rear Panels Only
GH-LX02-IIIA-F LiteX LX02 IIIA F/Female Str LiteX IIIA LX02, Female Structured, Front/Rear Panels Only
GH-LX02-IIIA-N LiteX LX02 IIIA N/Female Non-Str LiteX IIIA LX02, Female Non-Structured, Front/Rear Panels Only


About GH Armor Systems Inc.
GH Armor Systems, formerly Gator Hawk Armor, is a leading manufacturer of high performance soft and hard body armor for law enforcement and military. GH Armor is renowned for its soft and hard body armor, tactical plate carriers, corrections body armor, ballistic protective vests, corrections stab protective vests, blast blankets, NIJ 06 ballistics packages, ballistic helmets, rifle and trauma plates, riot helmets and riot shields, active shooter kits, and other threat protection items designed to offer superior protection against a variety of threats from bullets and spiked weapons.


About sizing, fit, and comfort: all GH Armor vest models are available in male and non-structured female designs, with structured female designs also available in some armor vest models. Since an improper fit is the primary cause of uncomfortable armor, GH Armor is proud to maintain a first-time fit rate of over 98%, plus a 60-Day Fit Guarantee for all custom-sized vests (this does not apply to vests ordered in stock sizes.

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