ESP MB Sonic Bonded - White Oil-Only Pads

ESP MB Sonic Bonded - White Oil-Only Pads
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Evolution Sorbent Products produces high-performance industrial sorbents and spill-control products with either natural and recycled materials or traditional polypropylene. ESP offers one of North America's largest selections of innovative spill control products, in warehouses across the U.S., for fast delivery when you need it.

ESP Sonic Bonded White Oil-Only Sorbents are constructed from a single layer of high quality, uniform polypropylene fibers "sonically" bonded together. These versatile pads and rolls combine high loft with drapability. Pound for pound, Meltblown Sonic Bonded offers the greates absorbency of the meltblown family.

ESP # 1MBWPB Pad Features:

Dimpled surface reduces lint, increases strength and speeds absorption
Made with the industry's highest quality polypropylene fibers
Very fine, uniform-sized fibers increase loft and absorbency
Combines high loft with drapability
Super water resistant, absorbing virtually no water-based liquids
Offers the greatest absorbency of meltblown family


Size: 15" x 18" (38cm x 46cm)
Units/Case: 100
Minimum Qty: 30 Cases
Weight/Case: 11lbs


The ideal solution for cleaning up large spills of oil, gasoline, kerosene or other petroleum-based fluids, especially in marine environments, because they float on water for extended periods of time. Excellect go-to product for outdoor MRO tasks when you want to avoid soaking up water-based liquids.

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ESP Evolution Sorbent Products 1MBWPB