ESP Gray Universal Regular Hybrid Socks

ESP Gray Universal Regular Hybrid Socks
SKU: P800293

Evolution Sorbent Products produces high-performance industrial sorbents and spill-control products with either natural and recycled materials or traditional polypropylene.  ESP offers one of North America's largest selections of innovative spill control products, in warehouses across the U.S., for fast delivery when you need it.

ESP Poly-Cellulose Socks in oil-only and universal contain a mix of high-performance absorbent fibers--oil-only fibers in the oil-only socks and universal fibers in the universal socks. The socks are flexible and wrap easily around awkward corners and equipment.

ESP  # 30GS34, Super Absorbent Flake Socks Gray Universal Features:

Flexible 3" tubes filled with next generation absorbent core
Absorb both oil and water-based spills
Contain extreme performance Super Absorbent Flake
No lint spunbound outer sleeve


Size: 3" x 48"
Units/Case: 30
Minimum Qty: 20 Cases
Weight/Case: 26lbs


Use them to quickly contain small oil- and water-based spills and help prevent them from spreading. They wrap easily around leaky equipment and uneven surfaces. They also conveniently mold to uneven surfaces.

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ESP Evolution Sorbent Products 30GS34