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Class A Dress Uniforms

Tact Squad Mens Clip On Tie


Tact Squad Men's Clip On Tie

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Tact Squad Uniform Duty Cap


Tact Squad Uniform Duty Cap



Police and Firefighter Class A Dress Uniforms

Dress uniforms for public safety personnel and departments are referred to by many names, including Class A Dress Uniform, Class A Formal Uniform, Dress Black or Dress Blue Uniform, Service Dress Blue or Class A Dress Uniform.  Full Class A dress uniforms are intended to be worn as a symbol of honor for occasions like weddings, funerals, and formal public events.   These circumstances require that the police or fire professional 's appearance and uniform be clean, professional, and well-designed from hat to shoes.  The Class A uniform is also seen worn by police officers in day-to-day service as a sign of respect for their community when the practical needs of their job do not require a more tactical uniform. A professional image begins with Class A dress uniforms that are clean, crisp, and consistent, reflecting respect for his or her community and their fellow public servants.  The Class A uniform must be meticulously cared for. 

A police officer or fire fighter in full dress uniform is a symbol of authority and respect.  Every public safety officer knows it is his own responsibility to maintain a clean, neat uniform and to wear that uniform properly.  Every department has its own regulations for wearing Class A dress uniforms, but most have similar specifications as to uniform appearance and insignia placement. Typically, the Class A men’s uniform includes a dress long-sleeve shirt with all assigned insignia; dress coat, pants and belt; lace-up dress shoes; four-in-hand tie; black or dark blue socks; a bell-toe cap; and white gloves. The women’s Class A uniform typically allows officers to choose a single-breasted black coat, skirt and continental tie.

Class A Dress Uniforms usually consist of a navy blue color double-breasted polyester or polyester/wool blend dress coat, long sleeved white polyester uniform shirt, and navy blue polyester or pol/wool blend dress trousers that match the coat.  Anchortex is pleased to offer high quality Class A dress coats and Class A dress pants made by Anchor Uniforms and Horace Small, two leaders in the public safety uniform field. Anchortex is a leading provider of police and firefighter Class A uniforms for formal and ceremonial occasions, such as weddings, funerals, and public events, whether for individual officers looking for a replacement garment or departments wishing to resupply. Department buyers interested in quantity quotes and freight estimates on Class A uniform supplies, including Class A trousers, Class A shirts, Class A dress coats, ties, pins, badges, and other components, should contact our sales department for more information.