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Work Shirts and Pants - Flame Resistant and non-Flame Resistant

Anchortex Corporation offers a broad selection of industrial work shirts and work pants designed to protect against common workplace hazards while conveying a uniform appearance that enhances professionalism and improves overall morale. Most of our work shirts can be customized with silk-screened or embroidered logos to further increase the professional appearance of the workplace and make members of the workplace more easily identifiable.

Flame resistant shirts and pants are required for occupations where flash fire and electric arc flash hazards are or may be present, including electrical technicians and engineers. This has pushed many workers who have to supply their own uniforms, and many companies who supply these uniforms, to buy whatever Flame Resistant (FR) work clothing is available, and usually whatever is cheapest. However, FR garments are not all the same. There are two types of FR fabric used to make these garments – inherently FR and treated FR. Fabric that is inherently FR, like Nomex, is flame-resistant for life, which means that no matter how many times it is laundered or how long it is worn, the material will always remain flame-resistant. Treated FR fabrics have a chemical applied to them that makes them flame resistant; wear, laundering, abrasion, and UV exposure gradually reduces the wear life of the garment to the point where the garment that protects your life this year might not do so quite as well next year.

  • Drifire DF2-CM-618-JN-DN Flame Resistant Performance Denim Work Jeans (HRC 2 - 15 cal-cm2)
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