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Feminine Hygiene and Menstrual Care Products

Anchortex carries a wide selection of economical Feminine Hygiene products, both bulk-packed and retail-packed, and priced for use by hospitals, emergency and homeless shelters, transitional housing facilities, correctional and detention centers, state and federal prisons, and other institutions. We supply a variety of personal care products for women, including tampons, maxi-pads, sanitary napkins, and pantiliners.

We sell several brands, including generic and Maxithins, a well known national brand equivalent by Hospeco. Hospeco Brands believes there should be universal access to menstrual care products in every public restroom. Hospeco considers feminine hygiene and menstrual care products as necessary as soap, toilet paper, and paper towels.   Hospeco's is the most complete menstrual care system, including product dispensing and safe and sanitary disposal.

Applications: Healthcare, Industrial / Manufacturing, Office / Property Mgmt / BSC, Higher Education Schools, K-12 Education, Government, Food Processing, Foodservice, Retail, Hospitality, Hospitals, Healthcare Institutions, Correctional Institutions, Detention Centers, Prisons, Jails, Homeless Shelters, Transitional Shelters, Emergency Shelters,

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