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T301563 - NYL59 - Taylors Leatherwear Antron Nylon Phoenix Cycle Jacket

Taylor's Leather Antron Nylon Phoenix Cycle Jacket



T301559 - 4418RZ - Taylors Leatherwear  Goatskin Atlanta Jacket Including Reflective Tape and Zip-Out Liner

Taylor's Leather Atlanta Leather Police Motorcycle Jacket



T301530 - N143 - Taylors Leatherwear  Goatskin Bomber Jacket

Taylor's Leather Bomber Jacket



T301541 - 4476Z - Taylors Leatherwear Cowhide Boston Jacket Including Zip-Out Liner

Taylor's Leather Boston Leather Police Motorcycle Jacket

#4476Z - Boston


T301555 - 4450 - Taylors Leatherwear  Cowhide Chicago Jacket

Taylor's Leather Chicago Leather Police Motorcycle Jacket



T301557 - 4425Z - Taylors Leatherwear  Cowhide Cleveland Jacket Including Zip-Out Liner

Taylor's Leather Cleveland Leather Police Motorcycle Jacket



T301534 - C1Z - Taylors Leatherwear  Goatskin Commercial Pilot Jacket

Taylor's Leather Commercial Pilot Jacket



T301536 - 5531 - Taylors Leatherwear Wool/Cowhide Corporate Casual Jacket

Taylor's Leather Corporate Casual Jacket



T301565 - DPD69Z - Taylors Leatherwear  Cowhide Detroit Jacket

Taylor's Leather Detroit Leather Police Motorcycle Jacket



T301548 - 4461Z - Taylors Leatherwear  Cowhide Indianapolis Jacket

Taylor's Leather Indianapolis Leather Police Motorcycle Jacket



T301538 - 4491Z - Taylors Leatherwear  Cowhide LAPD/CHP Jacket Including Zip-Out Liner

Taylor's Leather LAPD/CHP Leather Police Motorcycle Jacket



T301550 - 4461 - Taylors Leatherwear  Cowhide Memphis Jacket

Taylor's Leather Memphis Leather Police Motorcycle Jacket



T301553 - 4450Z - Taylors Leatherwear Cowhide Milwaukee Jacket Including Zip-Out Liner

Taylor's Leather Milwaukee Leather Police Motorcycle Jacket



T301537 - 4497Z - Taylors Leatherwear Cowhide N.Y.P.D. Jacket Including Zip-Out Liner

Taylor's Leather N.Y.P.D. Leather Police Motorcycle Jacket



T301560 - 4415Z - Taylors Leatherwear  Cowhide Nashville Jacket Including Zip-Out Liner

Taylor's Leather Nashville Leather Police Motorcycle Jacket



T301545 - 4471 - Taylors Leatherwear Cowhide New Orleans Jacket

Taylor's Leather New Orleans Leather Police Motorcycle Jacket



T301546 - 4465RZ - Taylors Leatherwear Cowhide Newark Jacket Including Reflective Tape and Zip-Out Liner

Taylor's Leather Newark Leather Police Motorcycle Jacket



T301561 - 4412Z - Taylors Leatherwear Cowhide Passaic Jacket Including Zip-Out Liner

Taylor's Leather Passaic Leather Police Motorcycle Jacket



T301558 - 4420Z - Taylors Leatherwear  Cowhide Patterson Jacket Including Zip-Out Liner

Taylor's Leather Patterson Leather Police Motorcycle Jacket



T301543 - 4473Z - Taylors Leatherwear  Cowhide Pittsburgh Jacket Including Zip-Out Liner

Taylor's Leather Pittsburgh Leather Police Motorcycle Jacket



T301535 - A299 - Taylors Leatherwear Goatskin U.S.A.F. Air Force Jacket

Taylor's Leather U.S.A.F. Air Force Jacket



T301562 - VJ1 - Taylors Leatherwear Wool/Cowhide Varsity Undercover Jacket

Taylor's Leather Varsity Undercover Jacket



T301551 - 4459Z - Taylors Leatherwear  Cowhide Phoenix Jacket Including Zip-Out Liner

Taylor's Leatherwear Phoenix Leather Police Motorcycle Jacket



Taylor's Leatherwear Jackets

Taylor's Leather specializes in police, military and aviation leather outerwear. All Taylors Leatherwear jackets include a 5 year warranty. Taylors Leather jackets have been worn by numerous city, county and state police agencies. Chances are if you see a police officer wearing a leather jacket, it’s a Taylor’s. Taylor's leather jackets have also been worn by actors in many movies and were worn in the old TV show Hill Street Blues.  Taylor's Leather jackets are worn by FedEx pilots as well as Homeland Security and U.S. Customs and Border Patrol officers.

Taylor Leather's strong suit is still leather jackets for police, military, aviation and athletics. Due to Taylor Leather's commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, Taylor Leather is one of the few remaining manufacturers of leather outerwear in the U.S.A.

Anchortex Corporation is an authorized dealer of all Taylor Leatherwear police leather jackets and other Taylor leather products, including motorcycle jackets, military bomber jackets, and civilian leather jackets. Contact a sales representative for more information on quantity pricing for your facility or agency.



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